Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Picture Polish Honey Dew and a Skittlette!

Heeeey ya'll!  Long time no bloggin' - so so sorry.  I've still been painting my nails but not quite as often and it's all I can do to squeeze it in!  I'm racking up a back log of polish photos... I was really excited about these nails though and was looking for a moment to share them with you!  It started out with my first Picture Polish lacquer in Honey Dew!  (I also bought Tiffany which, should be self explanatory.)  Here is a swatch of Honey Dew to get us started.... 

watermarble dotting gradient

Honey Dew, besides the super cute name, is gorgeous.  I love that it's like a turquoise but a little greener and  although not neon, it's very bright and in your face, which is right up my alley when it comes to nail color.  This is pretty similar to Color Club Blue-ming but I've yet to try a side by side comparison.  The formula on this was...ok.  Just ok.  From my experience, it must be pretty hard to get colors like this a super smooth formula.  It was a little bit draggy near the cuticle but I still managed with only two coats.  In any case the color is well worth the patience required for the application.

watermarble dotting gradient

After I wore it (mostly) plain for a day, I decided to add some more to it and since I've been in a marbling mood, I marbled my index and middle finger and put a gradient on my pinky.  The purple I used is a-England Lady of the Lake.  I love love this deep purple scattered holo.  The formula is amazing just like most other a-England polishes I have.  I was loving this color combination so hard.  My dear brother called it the Charlotte Hornets mani... so there ya go.  Also, the gradient was so simple but I'm thinking of using these exact polishes and doing all my nails in this gradient!

watermarble dotting gradient

Here's mah right hand.  It's so hard to pose with my right hand!  But I felt like the marble was so cool I needed to show it too.  Look at the holo on my ring finger, it shows up really well here.

watermarble dotting gradient

Anyway - loved it so much I had to show ya'll.  Hope you like it too!!  Until next time... 

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  1. Great combo! It made an amazing water marble.


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