Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Blue Sparkly Water Marble!

Hey ya'll!  So this is a blue design I did back in April when we were all hitting the blue hard for Autism Awareness.  And I was also heavy into practicing my water marbling.  I tried a couple of different designs in the water for this mani, I'm trying to branch out!  

water marble holo glitter

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Picture Polish Honey Dew and a Skittlette!

Heeeey ya'll!  Long time no bloggin' - so so sorry.  I've still been painting my nails but not quite as often and it's all I can do to squeeze it in!  I'm racking up a back log of polish photos... I was really excited about these nails though and was looking for a moment to share them with you!  It started out with my first Picture Polish lacquer in Honey Dew!  (I also bought Tiffany which, should be self explanatory.)  Here is a swatch of Honey Dew to get us started.... 

watermarble dotting gradient