Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Layla Ocean Rush

Happy Hump Day ya'll!  (Ok, I'm sorry, I kinda hate that phrase, but I needed an opening line...)  

Today I have for you the totally AH-mazing Layla Ocean Rush.  

blue linear holo

Go ahead and squeal.  I'll wait... 

Layla Ocean Rush is a strong linear holo.  You can see the holoness in every. single. light.  It doesn't go away indoors or even dim light...and in the sun it will blow you away.  And it's blue!  Have I told you how much I like blue polish??  I got this at Ulta and I still see a few from the Hologram Effect collection floating around there.  I also bought Mercury Twilight and Ultra Violet from the same collection.  The rainbow mesmerizes me when I wear this... 

blue linear holo

I stamped over this with BM318 and BM313 using Milani Black Swift.  Black Swift is a fantastic stamping polish, and I've heard all the other Milani High Speed Fast Dry polishes are as well.  I will definitely be getting more of those.  The holo shines through the stamp in these photos,  but that didn't happen in real life.  It looked solid black.  

blue linear holo

The sad news is, the polish is on the more expensive end of the spectrum (I think I paid $15.50 for 1), it holds a small volume of lacquer and it takes 3 coats at a minimum to get a good finish.  It may seem like the coats are going on really horribly and "gappy" but if you wait a moment between coats to let it dry, it will cover very nicely in the end.  Letting it dry between coats prevents the brush from pulling on the previous layers.  

blue linear holo

 What do ya'll think of this one??


  1. I always start to post a comment then realize I'm signed in to a different name on 'my' phone. I LOVE THIS! I think I like it better than the silver holo and I never ever see it in Ulta! loove it.

    1. I just saw one this past weekend! And I think it was Ocean Rush! It was a rogue one hanging out with the newer Layla polishes (also, Layla has a different bottle shape for every line they carry which is weird.) Get it!


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