Saturday, April 6, 2013

OPI Russian Navy

Hey ya'll!  Hope you're having a good weekend.  Today I have a polish swatch that's been on my computer for a long time, since I did the Galaxy Nails way back in February.  Russian Navy is a classic OPI shade and since April is Autism Awareness Month and blue is the color to recognize it, I figured this was the perfect opportunity to show it!    

navy blue shimmer

Russian Navy, is exactly that, navy.  It is rich, deep, dark and vampy but never black.  It is an easy 2-coater polish.  I have lots of pics of this because... 

navy blue shimmer

...the blue and pink shimmer in this makes it sooooo awesome!  I was worried it wouldn't come across in the photos but it does and that makes me happy!  Also, so sorry I am not holding the Russian Navy bottle, but mine is a mini and OPI minis are TINY, the tiniest of any other brand I have (which SUCKS, OPI - fix that) and the bottle is impossible to hold in any way that would make sense for a picture.  

navy blue shimmer

Look at that close up!  It may not make sense to some of you non-nail polish obsessives, but I really love a polish that looks like a simple plain color from a distance but up close has a lot going on.  This is awesome and definitely deserves to be the OPI classic color that it is.  I need to get a full size bottle asap.

navy blue shimmer

I'm sure plenty of you already own this - do you love it as much as me??

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