Thursday, March 21, 2013

China Glaze Escaping Reality

Hey folks!  I have a simple swatch post for you today.  After all the crazy nail art I did for the last month, I needed a little break, like, just some regular polish.  Remember way back when I posted about China Glaze Def Defying? I mentioned then that I had my eye on a couple of other polishes from the World's Away collection...I finally caved and bought one of them!  This is Escaping Reality.  

cream crelly creme bright pink

Escaping Reality is a bright, borderline neon, cream pink.  The formula on this is perfect, a true crelly (if there is such a thing.)  It dries to a, we'll say, satin/rubber type finish, presumably because of that almost-neon quality.  This polish is in the same color family as OPI Charged Up Cherry if you're familiar with it, but brighter and more blue toned.  I absolutely loved wearing this color, very flattering on the hands. Clean-up was a breeze, too.  I ordered this through recently along with about 8 other polish babies that I can't wait to show you!

cream crelly creme bright pink

I have been so into pink polish lately... possibly influenced by my little girls who both almost always choose pink as their polish color!


  1. this look better than it does in the bottle. . . .

    1. Probably because of the neon quality but it is dang hard to get a good accurate photo of this color. Look all over the internet for this same color and you will see a million different shades. It's pretty though!! The first pic is more color accurate I think. Think...Strawberry Margarita or A Rose From the Dead but a little bit neon.


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