Saturday, January 5, 2013

China Glaze Harmony

It's the weekend!  For that I am happy, but still not being able to sleep in?  That's for the birds.  For the love of children... 

Today I'm going to show you China Glaze Harmony.  Harmony is part of the Romantique collection that was released in the Spring of 2009 and before I came so fanatical about nail polish.  I've always loved the stuff, always, but it wasn't as much of a hobby as it is now!  

medium purple metallic foil

I read on a blog somewhere when I was first getting into stamping (I'm still somewhat of a newbie) that all the polishes from the Romantique collection were great for stamping, so of course I had to get one three.  I got Harmony, Passion, and Delight.  So far, I've actually only used Passion for stamping (and in a water marble).  I didn't figure I would ever wear this color as a full mani, and I still haven't, but I figured I would swatch it anyway!  

medium purple metallic foil

Harmony is a metallic/foil medium purple.  It is slightly dustier and muted than it appears in these photos.  The formula on this was superb, covered in one coat exactly.  One coat!  I never use one coat, I am a habitual 2-coater, period.  But using a second coat here would've just been unnecessary and wasteful!  To be honest I can't remember if I used a top coat for these pictures or not, but Harmony dries to a satin finish.  

medium purple metallic foil

Do you guys like metallics and foil finish polishes on your nails?

Have a super Saturday ya'll!  

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