Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Essie Dive Bar

Happy Wednesday Ya'll!  I can't believe it's back to work already.  Did I really have 11 days off?  Definitely doesn't feel like it but here we are.  

Today I have one of my very favorite polishes in my collection.  This is Essie Dive Bar.  This polish is part of Essie's core collection found in retail stores like Target, Walmart and drugstores like CVS and Walgreen's.  

blackened teal shimmer

It's not coming across in these photos, but there is a purple flash or duochrome effect in this polish.  The purple is pretty evident in the bottle and less so on the nail, but still there.  Overall this is a blackened teal shimmer.  Some people call this one of those almost black colors but I beg to differ.  When I'm wearing this I never feel like, in any type of light, that I could've just worn black.  

Dive Bar is an easily applied polish.  Thin but does not flood the cuticle.  This polish is perfect at 2 coats as shown here, and clean up was minimal.  

blackened teal shimmer

blackened teal shimmer

I think this is a really special polish, and if you like dark colors or teals or shimmers, I recommend picking this up.  It's awesome!

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