Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Guest Nails! - OPI Live and Let Die

Hey ya'll!  Hope everyone had a magnificent Monday, if that is at all possible in the universe.  Today I'm going to be showing you some nails I did for my friend Trisha's graduation!  The University's school colors are green and gold - so obviously we had to stick to that color scheme!  Please excuse the photo's as it was getting late and we didn't spend as much time as we should've making sure we got good pictures!  Hopefully ya'll can get past that...

I took probably 15 greens and golds for her to choose from, a nail wheel of different design ideas and even some "safe" backup colors in case she hated everything I had come up with.  Luckily - she liked two of my ideas so we combined them!

The colors we ended up going with were OPI Live and Let Die (dark green), China Glaze Passion (gold) and China Glaze Agro (medium olive green).  On her left hand we did striping on the index and middle finger and explosion pattern on the other three fingers; we did the opposite on her right hand.  

I'm gonna just let you guys enjoy the pictures here...if you have questions free to ask in the comments!

What do ya'll think?  Is this a win??

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