Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sation Class Flirt

Happy Sunday ya'll!  Hope everyone is having a perfectly lazy day...

Remember a little while back I posted a couple of Sation polishes, Loudest Color and Miss Emo Shun All?  Well today I am showing you my third pick from the Class of Sation collection, Class Flirt.  I really think this entire collection was great and I may end up with more in my stash eventually!

red orange cream jelly

This polish was somewhat hard to photograph because it's kind of a neon...a neon (if that's possible) reddish orange.  It has the same jelly-like texture as the other two polishes and was super easy to apply.  I wanted to post this around the time I posted the other two, but I wasn't completely satisfied with my pictures - but such is the problem with neon type colors.  One day they will make a camera or a setting that can deal with these.

red orange cream jelly
red orange cream jelly

I only have 4 Sation colors, they are all the new Sation, and one of those is still un-tried.  I like this brand so far though and will definitely buy more!  Sometimes you can even find them at a discounted price at TJMaxx and Marshall's!  I bought mine from which also has really good prices!

What do ya'll think of Class Flirt??


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