Thursday, December 13, 2012

butter LONDON Slapper

Happy Thursday guys!  Today I have one of my most favorite polishes in my collection (you'll probably hear me saying that a lot on this blog...) - butter LONDON Slapper.  It is a part of butter LONDON's 2012 Spring Collection.  Isn't that name great?

teal green creme

Slapper is in the teal family, but it's not teal.  It definitely leans too green in my opinion to be considered a true teal.  It took me a million pictures and a few times wearing this polish to come up with a couple of pictures close enough to the color it is in real life to post.  I think other bloggers that have swatched this color would agree that this is a hard polish to photograph!  It has an excellent formula and is still available for purchase at Ulta (at least "mine") and at Butter London.  This is two coats.  

teal green creme

This color is bright, easy to work with, definitely unique and I think worth the $14 price tag!  I've been known to wear this for 5 days in a row - that speaks volumes.  I really wish it would come across in these picture as awesome as it is in real life!

PS.  Please excuse the grody dry skin, this is an old picture before I knew I would be posting it to a blog (as most of these posts have been so far) - I'll do better next time!  

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