Tuesday, December 18, 2012

OPI My Private Jet

Hey ya'll.  I have so many photos of nails it's ridiculous.  The hardest part every time I sit down to blog is deciding what to show you.  Sometimes I really want you to see the color but the pictures I have are crap and don't portray it well, or my cuticles are dry as all get out, or the color isn't so great or it's old and you can't buy it anymore but the photos are good....what's a blogger to do?  Today  I settled on OPI My Private Jet.  

brown scattered holo

I've heard there are two versions of this color - I think this one is the new/current version.  (Also - this isn't my nail polish, I borrowed it from Courtney.)  This is a really beautiful color ya'll.  It's neutral but not boring.  It's a brown scattered holo which... the word brown always sounds kind of boring to me, but this definitely isn't boring.  And if I were to abide by any kind of seasonal rule about what color should be worn when, this is a great fall or winter color.  But I don't and I wore this in the dead of summer for 5 days.  

brown scattered holo

I can't quite remember but I'm pretty sure I used two coats for this, and I don't really have any OPI colors that have awful formulas.  So - there ya go.

Here's a blurry picture so you can see the sparkle - lots of bloggers do these blurry photos on purpose to show the sparkle, but this was a total accident.

brown scattered holo

Just to show you how long I wore it, and how much I loved it... I got quite a bit of tip wear as evidenced in the next picture.

brown scattered holo

And my fix for that was to clip, file and slap on another top coat.  Voila!  Brand new mani.  

brown scattered holo

Have a great Tuesday!!

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