Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas Mani #1

It's Friday!  Woot!  And it's getting mighty close to Christmas... so here I am with a Christmas manicure!  

I'm addicted to striping ya'll - I have a million color combinations in my head I want to try!  So it only made sense for me to do stripes in a holiday color theme!  

 holiday striping, red and green, christmas

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My base color is China Glaze Def Defying which I showed you yesterday.  I added the stripes with Zoya Elisa.  Elisa is part of the Diva half of Zoya's 2012 Fall collection.  Then I added a coat of Seche Vite and let it dry real quick so I could stamp.  My stamping color is China Glaze Passion.

I used plates BM316 and  BM321 for the little present and tree stamps and China Glaze Frostbite (which is a super awesome blue!) for the accent dots.  

 When I conjured this idea up in my head, I had planned to use silver for the stamping color, but then I got carried away and grabbed Passion and used it.  It stamps extremely well so I use it a lot, but I think for this design a silver would've been a lot better.

Something that hasn't happened to me until now, is my polish dragging when I top coat it!  The stripes were so clean and neat when I took the tape off, and I thought I let it dry long enough, but when I applied the top coat Elisa smeared on every nail!  If you know how time consuming striping is you can feel my frustration!  In any case, I like this design in these photos, but I'm not loving it in real life.  It looks kind of ... dirty?  I think a brighter red, a greener green, more dry time, wider stripes and silver stamps would've improved on this design!  Yes?  No? 

You guys going to try something like this??  Holla ya'll!

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  1. I had drag the other day with the red and white! The white smeared.. but it was about like this.. nothing too bad. I LOVE this one and I like Passion for the stamp color. I don't know if silver would have even shown up as well!


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