Saturday, February 23, 2013

Flip/Flop February Day 22: Mustache

Woo!  3 posts in one day (so far).  So, for Day 22, which was yesterday - we had the choice of plaid or mustache.  I tried a couple things on my nail wheel for plaid, but couldn't decide on colors and was in general no good at it.  So here's your mustache mani!  

Funky French Mustache

As my base color I used the polish from my very first blog post, Orly Decades of Dysfunction.  Beautiful color - been wanting to wear it again!  When you do a challenge like this and your nails are so crazy and colorful all the time, you get to needing a calm moment.  This is kind of like my calm moment.

Funky French Mustache

For the tips I just free hand painted across the tip with Nina Ultra Pro Pearly Brights.  Probably should've used tape, but it takes a lot more time and from a distance the imperfections are negligible.

Funky French Mustache

Now this mustache - it's not perfect.  It's kind of squiggly...but it was my first try and I don't really "do" free hand in general (aside from leopard print...).  I used a dotting tool and made 2 dots side by side for the middle part of the 'stache then I used a tiny dotting tool to kind of color in the ends.  Hard.  I don't have any nail art brushes or I might've tried those instead.  Too bad I don't have a mustache stamp!  I used a-England Camelot for the mustache.

Funky French Mustache

Getting close to the end guys!  Only 6 days left!

Here's the link to the other gals blog posts for Day 22!

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