Friday, February 1, 2013

Flip/Flop February Day 1: Gradient / Skittle

Ya'll, I've been so excited for this day!  This month I'm participating in the Flip/Flop February 28 Day Challenge hosted by Jilltastic Nail Design.  She was nice enough to post this list back in late December so we could work ahead.  So far, I've only done about 8 of the challenges, but hey, a head start is a head start! I change my nails a lot - but I can't bear to spend so much time doing sweet nail designs and not even get to wear them for one day, and sometimes (whether ya'll believe this coming from me or not...considering how much I actually do change my nails) you just plain don't have time or are too worn out to change your nails - even if they're jacked up.  Anyway - without further ado - here's my Gradient / Skittle nails!

gradient nails

I have so many pictures of this!  I hope I can whittle them down to a reasonable amount.

The idea of the challenge is to pick one thing to do each day - so for Day 1 the gradient OR the skittle.  One is supposed to be a little more difficult (the one on the left side of the slash), and one a little easier.  Gives nail art novices the opportunity to participate!!  And like Jillian said, sometimes it's just good to have options.  For Day 1 though, I decided to combine the 2!   

gradient nails

gradient nails

Enjoy the rare appearance of my right hand today - it just turned out better.  Also - if you're interested in trying a gradient for yourself, this is a great tutorial and the one I used when I started trying out gradients:  Gradient Nails by Sam.

I used 10 colors for this mani.  Here's the breakdown:  

Thumb: Base color is China Glaze Recycle; Gradient is Suzi Skis in the Pyrenese.  
Index: China Glaze Seduce Me; OPI Mrs. Oleary's BBQ
Middle: OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui; OPI Ski Til We Drop
Ring: OPI Funky Dunkey; a-England Elaine
Pinky -  China Glaze Starboard; Fingerpaints A Tought Art To Follow

And here are a few pics of my skittle nails pre-gradient.  I kinda liked them this way too!  

Here is the list of what you can expect for the rest of February!!  I hope I can come up with some designs you like!  A couple I've done have definitely already been a ... challenge.  lol.

 Now- please go look at all the other gals awesome designs!  I can't wait to see them!


  1. its February! yes!! I looove this! and I also liked the plain skittle too! I'm hungry. Harper would totally lick your nails.

    1. Taste the rainbow! lol. Do a skittle mani on that kid so she can lick her own nails!

  2. These turned out amazing great job!!!!


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