Monday, February 25, 2013

Flip/Flop February Day 24: Rainbow

Hey folks - I really wish I wasn't behind with this challenge but I am and it doesn't look like there is any hope of catching up before it's over... so I'm just gonna settle in.  lol.  Hope ya'll follow me to the end anyway!  For Day 24 we had the choice of Tissue Paper or Rainbow.  For me there was never any question which one I was going to choose!  

bundle monster stamping

Originally I was going to try the "black spotted" technique I've seen floating around - it looks so neat!  I've wanted a bottle of OPI Black Spotted ever since I first saw it but it's not available in the US!  Lame.  But then surfaced a way to create the effect with water, polish and hand sanitizer spray.  I tried it.  I couldn't get it to do right in the water so I abandoned the idea since it was approximately 11pm and I have to get up for work no later than 5:30am.  I'll try again in the future when I have more time to trouble shoot.  

bundle monster stamping

bundle monster stamping

I did a two-tone gradient on each nail, Red/Orange, Orange/Yellow, Yellow/Green, Green/Blue and Blue/Violet.  Yes, I skipped Indigo.  (You know, the "I" in ROY G BIV... nerd...)   As you can see in some of these pics I got lazy with the gradient and ended up with more of a color blocking from just painting it on... I knew I was covering it up anyway!  I did ROY B BIV from pinky to thumb on my left hand and thumb to pinky on my right.  

The colors I used from left to right above are:

Color Club Mamba
OPI A Roll in the Hague (love that name)
NYC Lexington Yellow
China Glaze Starboard
Color Club Insta-this
OPI Funky Dunkey

Finally when the black spotted experiment failed, I stamped with plate BM319 and Milani Black Swift.

bundle monster stamping

bundle monster stamping

There's my rainbow nails for Day 24!  I guess I'll be working on Day 25 tonight...

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