Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Flip/Flop February Day 13: Sponging

Heeey yous guys.  Today's challenge was Watercolor or Sponging.  I chose sponging....the "easier" option, which I totally failed at.  This is one mani that I was not upset to take off as soon as I took pictures... 

For this I tried to do a gradient to make a sunset over water... it looked a lot better on the nail wheel I tested it on first.  I think my mistake was trying to use too many colors and my nails aren't long enough for that.  So I ended up getting orange where I wanted blue and having to go back over it with blue... then the blue wasn't the right color.  Get my drift?  

For this I used a base coat of Zoya Farah, 1 coat.  Then I made a gradient with Orly Plum Noir, China Glaze Roguish Red, a little OPI A Roll in the Hague, and China Glaze First Mate. Then I stamped using an image from BM 315.  Not only was I disappointed in the gradient, my stamping clearly needs some work.  Check out the bird on my ring  finger - he is flying straight up and down!!  My stamping polish is Milani Black Swift.  

I'm working on tomorrows theme right now (letting layers dry while I type this...) - so hopefully they will be much better than today's atrocious disaster!!  Tomorrow is, obviously, Valentin'es Day or French Tips!!  Should be lots of prettiness going on.

Take a few minutes and look at the other girls designs!  


  1. This is gorgeous and creative! Love it!

  2. Parrots are very acrobatic birds. You just captured one mid-move!


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