Sunday, February 17, 2013

Flip/Flop February Day 17: Delicate Print

Heeey guys! My post is sooo late today!  Sorry about that - this weekend has been jam-packed and discombobulated... Anyway.  Today is Day 17 of Jilltastic Nail Designs Flip/Flop February 28 Day challenge and our choices were Delicate Print or Newspaper.  Now, I've been meaning to try the newspaper thing for a long time, but I had this idea in my head for delicate print, and I didn't have any newspaper, so decision made.

white jelly with pink shimmer

This is another one of those designs I got to wear for a scant 20-30 minutes.  Bummer, cause I really like it.  I think I might replicate this, possibly with a different stamp, for a wedding I'm going to be in at the end of March... this is wedding appropriate right??  

white jelly with pink shimmer

white jelly with pink shimmer

For this I used 3 coats of Revlon Runway Pearl.  This shade is really gorgeous and soft and delicate in itself.  It's an off-white jelly base with a pink and golden shimmer.  My mom borrowed this bottle and probably wore it 10 times before she gave it back!  I had to beg.  I used 3 coats to get the color really opaque, but it looks good at 1 and 2 also.  The only issue I had is with the 3 coats, it did NOT want to dry well enough for me to stamp over it - even with Seche Vite!!  

white jelly with pink shimmer

I stamped using an image from BM312 with my favorite stamping polish, China Glaze Passion.  I have to give a shout out here to The Polish Jinx because instead of being smart and writing down the stamp I use when I do a design, and since I'm lazy and I don't go look through my plates when it comes time to blog, I always use [this post] to figure out which plate I used!  So, thanks!

white jelly with pink shimmer
Sunlight Photo 
This is another design to come out of this challenge that I am super happy with.  Would ya'll wear this or do you think it's too subtle?  Honestly it was even more subtle in real life.  Tomorrow is Galaxy or Rhinestones... 

One more pic for fun...

white jelly with pink shimmer

Please do go check out the other ladies designs for today!  I'm sure they all got theirs up in a much more timely manner.  


  1. Absolutely gorgeous!
    I would wear it, but I see you are worried about being too subtle. Wear it! That way you can have it one for longer.


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