Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Flip/Flop February Day 6: Fan Brush

Ah!  Late with this post - started typing it up last night and fell asleep while my pictures were uploading to blogger...yeah, in that short amount of time.  Oops!  Today is Day 6 of the Flip/Flop February 28 Day Challenge hosted by Jillian at Jilltastic Nail Design.  Today's options were Fan Brush or Glitter Bomb.  I've never tried the Fan Brush thing before, so I bought one and went to town.  This is what happened:  

fan brush nail art

I'm not thrilled.  It's not the worst thing ever - I'm even wearing it today at work, but I think I just expected better.  It looks blurry even though my picture isn't!  I couldn't get the bristles on my brush to separate like I wanted them to.  Probably would've been helpful to watch some YouTube tutorials before I tried this, but I did no such thing.  

nail art fan brush

Even though the result wasn't exactly what I was expecting - the technique is pretty easy to use.  It's not too terribly messy (I'd say sponging for a gradient and water marbling for sure are messier) and it doesn't take long.  

fan brush nail art

fan brush nail art

The colors I used are from left to right:
Essence Modern Romance
Butter London Trout Pout
a-England Elaine
Essence Oh My Glitter!
Revlon Coastal Surf
OPI Mermaids Tears

Here is a picture of my base colors.  I used 2 coats of Elaine on index and pinky fingers and 2 coats of Modern Romance on middle and ring fingers.  The fan brush colors I used were every other color shown except for the one that was used as the base.

dark dusty purple nude peach shimmer
Sorry about the blurry photo!
Also - I went to Design Seeds for color inspiration.  Have ya'll ever used these before?  Such neat color combinations and palettes.  I could just sit and look at the pretty pics that the palettes are pulled from!  Here is the one I used for the inspiration.

color chameleon

A reminder of what's to come!

Now go check out the other ladies designs and see what they came up with for today!  


  1. This is really beautiful!

  2. You did a great job. I've often been curious to try this effect. I think you mastered it beautifully

    Also, thanks for the website. I like to see how colors get used together.

    1. Thanks!! You should try it!

      I know - isn't that website awesome? You can use those color palettes as design and color inspiration for ANY kind of project!

  3. Also, you inspired me!! My spotted water attempt failed so I decided to do a sort of fan brush/sugar spun mani. It's up on my blog.

    I have a bit of a color fixation. When I go someplace I always notice what colors people put together. So I'm totally excited to look at some swatches and putting colors together for maicures.


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